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The Reunion

Shipboard Again

The first thing I can say is that being shipboard again really felt like going home. Just seeing the ship from a distance (while waiting to clear the Mexico version of customs) was enough to raise ones pulse. Back on board you notice the oddest things — like how much you miss going up and down the stairs while the ship is in motion. Or for me how much better I slept at sea, though I'm not sure if it was the rumble of the engine or the rocking motion.

A few things were really different though, the ship was run much more like a cruise than a semester, and expected so. All the snack areas now added various liquors to their inventories and such. The passenger manifest was an interesting bouquet of people ranging from a few like myself who were returning to the ship six months to the day after disembarking in December to voyagers from the 70s with families in tow.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Getting into Cabo involved something I had never had to do on Semester at Sea, tendering. That is the use of the life boats as shuttles into port. There really isn't a port in Cabo that could accommodate even a small ship.

The MV Explorer.

Beach bum applications now being accepted.

El Arco at Lands End.

The seas on the Pacific side are a bit rough.
Chris, remember that next time you get a jet-ski.

The Explorer and departing tender.

Amy Andrews: Professional Model

Sunset clouds from a break water in Cabo san Lucas.


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All images were captured with a Canon 20D and one of the following lenses: 17-40/4L, 70-200/4L, 50/1.4, 50/2.5 macro.

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